Partners – University of Copenhagen


The project is made in collaboration with the group of Sune Lehmann at DTU Compute, The Technical University of Denmark, who is in charge of the SensibleDTU experiment.

Furthermore, Sune and his group work on how to model dynamic networks and their properties mathematically.

DTU Compute, The Technical University of Denmark

  • Sune Lehmann, main coordinator of the SensibleDTU experiment, Associate Professor, DTU Compute,
  • Jakob Eg Larsen, Associate Professor, DTU Compute,
  • Arek Stopczynski, PhD Student, DTU Compute,
  • Vedran Sekara, PhD Student, DTU Compute,
  • Piotr Sapiezynski, PhD Student, DTU Compute,
  • Andre Cuttone, PhD Student, DTU Compute,